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Frequently asked questions

Thrix is a powerful AI tool, that can correct and standardize your references (or bibliography) and citations to match your style requirements.

Thrix uses a combination of intelligent pattern recognition and large databases to identify the different parts of a reference or a full document. It then uses complex algorithms to automatically edit the text using tracked changes and comments.

Thrix is free for up to 50 references per month, with a limited set of styles. To process more references, with access to all available styles, get Thrix Premium.

Thrix can apply the following popular styles:

Thrix can also apply Correct and Consistent, which intelligently detects your most commonly used style choices.

We add new styles regularly, so if you want to use a style that’s not in our list, you can . If you want to create your own, try Shabash Merops, with all the power of Thrix plus full-document editing and fully customizable styles.

Editing citations and references is a slow, often difficult and confusing task. Whether you’re a professional editor, an author, or a student, you might not know every detail of a style guide, and manually checking and correcting every little thing is time consuming.

Thrix automatically corrects and standardizes your citations and reference list in seconds.

Key features:

  • Thrix applies any of - predefined styles.
  • Thrix corrects punctuation, formatting, spelling, and capitalization.
  • Thrix can convert between author–date (Harvard) and numeric (Vancouver) citations.
  • Thrix looks up each reference online, to apply corrections and add missing details.

Thrix makes your reference list look smart, which makes you look smart!

Authors or students are often required to write documents following certain style rules. These cover anything from spelling and punctuation, to citation and reference formatting.

Popular styles include the APA Publication Manual, AMA Manual of Style, and IEEE Editorial Style Manual.

If you don’t know which style you need, ask your teacher or professor, or if you’re submitting an article for publication, consult the publisher.

If you don’t have a preference, we recommend Correct and consistent. This will detect the writing style you’ve used, and make it correct and consistent across the references.

If you paste in your references, Thrix takes about 1.5 seconds per reference.

If you upload your whole document, it edits about 75 words per second. That’s less than a minute for a 4000-word article!